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I love my family, Vegas, golf, and have season tickets to the Tennessee Titans (NFL football). Gambling: I have been going to Vegas since 1980 when I worked at lot in LA. Blackjack is my favorite but also enjoy craps. But I don't profess to be a craps expert. I can play Blackjack for hours at a time while Craps is more of a 30 minute deal for me with a lot of yelling and screaming (I hope). Sorry to tell you all this but I don't really enjoy slots at all but will play slots with the wife for a while. It just seems kinda mindless to me. Again, I don't mean to offend anyone - it's just how I feel about it. Here's what I know about slots - play Max coins and push the button. If there is more to then that - someone let me know . I need to read up on JOB machines even though I'm sure I have the basics down. The big trick what I hear is finding 9/6 machines in Vegas. I love to play Keno while eating but those places are getting fewer and fewer. Of course. I never won more than my money back in Keno while eating - I do it anyway.

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